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See the list of events you’ve been invited to

See what other guests will be wearing

Choose a colour that interests you

My Dress List is a photo sharing app that will allow you to see what other guests will be wearing at events you plan to attend.

Imagine you are shopping and you spot a beautiful red dress. Before you purchase it you can quickly check the app, select the event, make sure nobody else has the same dress, find out how many people will be wearing red and if it matches the theme of the event. Once you have chosen your dress simply upload your photo. No one will dare buy the same !

With My Dress List the host can share the theme of the event, the colour swatches and add notes that will help guests match without clash. Guests can dress their best in confidence.

  • Share the dress code
  • Never wear the same
  • Check the list by colour
  • Never turn up overdressed or underdressed
  • Avoid fashion faux pas
  • Look Unique at your upcoming events

Buy it, share it, and wear it.

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